Solutions for the Refining and Petrochemical Industries

An unplanned shutdown of operations is a cost no refinery can afford. Managers of these facilities need assurance that corrosion inspection, structural repairs will last—and will not require repeat maintenance a few short months or years later. Recognizing this, Walton Corrosion Services has developed many corrosion Control, repair, enhancement, and improvement solutions that ensure the integrity and uninterrupted operations of our client’s production processes.

Walton Corrosion Services provides technology-driven, engineered solutions for a variety of structures in refining and petrochemical facilities. We combine our specialty contracting capabilities with the value-added products and engineering support services to deliver customized, cost-effective, and long-lasting solutions for industrial infrastructure.

Walton Corrosion Services - refining and petrochemical

Pipeline, Tank, Line & Process Vessel Corrosion Protection

Walton Corrosion Services offers a total Corrosion Protection Solution, with a variety of functional coatings for both internal and external use in pipelines, process vessels, pumps and underground / aboveground storage tanks. Our corrosion protection products can even help repair tank walls suffering from leaking seams or wall loss, to help prevent breaches. Withstand harsh conditions to extend the life of your equipment – and ensure more reliable operation.

Walton Corrosion Services - Storage Tank
Walton Corrosion Services - Refinery Pipeline

Because of the potential complexities surrounding the diagnosis, repair, and prevention of structural corrosion, owners should partner with a specialty contractor with extensive corrosion repair expertise and proven field procedures and experience. Walton Corrosion Service’s vast experience in this area allows us to help owners identify the root cause of the corrosion problem, select the appropriate solution, and then handle the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of the system that is put in place.