Ingenious solutions for transporting our clients’ valuable resources

For more than 30 years, our people have held key roles in the engineering of pipelines across the Unites States for the transport of adiverse array of products through challenging terrain, extreme climates and remote locations. Building on the expertise, experience and technology developed by Pipeline Systems Incorporated, our people have been directly involved in many of the key resources pipelines globally, including some of the longest and most challenging pipeline projects.

Walton Corrosion Services provides expertise with associated SCADA systems and telecommunications, especially for remote locations developing stand-alone, self-sustaining systems which require a minimum of local human interface and maintenance.
We offer complete pipeline integrity management solutions from concept to commissioning. Our pipeline project services include Feasibility studies and conceptual design, Route reconnaissance and evaluation, Laboratory and loop testing programs, Complex hydraulic modelling, Basic and detailed engineering, Leak detection systems, Pipeline operations and simulation software, Pipeline integrity management, Subsea Pipeline Engineering, design and installation of complex subsea facilities/Pipeline Systems, Services to assist pipeline cleaning, pipeline protection and flow assurance.

Walton Corrosion services - pipeline corrosion
Walton Corrosion services - Cross country pipeline

Mechanical and Inspection Solutions for Pipeline Equipment

Walton Corrosion Services provides pipeline pigs and a full range of products and services to assist pipeline cleaning, pipeline protection and flow assurance in the Oil, Gas and other process industries. The range of pipeline pigs available from Walton Corrosion Services is comprehensive and includes foam pigs, mandrel pigs, solid polyurethane pigs, spheres and special cleaning pigs. Technical and engineering expertise means that we are able to offer a range of cleaning pigs that can be constructed in such a way that every pig is engineered to meet the specific requirements of a pipeline as opposed to simply being the nearest fit.

As well as pipeline pigs, Walton Corrosion Services also manufactures pig signallers, pipeline closures, pig launchers, pig receivers and a range of pressure vessel products. Walton Corrosion Services is recognised for its expertise in polyurethane technology, which means that as well as pipeline pigging products and spare parts for pigs, we also produce other polyurethane based products such as bend restrictors, bend limiters track pads and filtration screens.

walton corrosion services - pipeline pigging
Walton Corrosion services - pipeline repair

Subsea Pipelines

As offshore operators are moving onto deeper waters to access untapped hydrocarbon reserves, the length and depths at which subsea pipelines are laid, exceed anything that has been achieved before. Specialised engineering skills are required to keep up with this development. Walton Corrosion Services realizes that the subsea/deepwater arena requires solving new technological challenges on a regular basis. We are also one of the largest independent subsea and pipeline engineering consultants with an impressive project track record including involvement with major deepwater developments both in the Gulf of Mexico and other areas of the world. Our discipline capability covers all aspects of the mechanical design and flow assurance from FEED, through detailed design to commissioning.

Walton Corrosion services - subsea pipeline repair

Wide-ranging service portfolio within subsea pipelines

Our proven pipeline engineering competencies are based on an advanced understanding of critical issues such as structural behaviour and hydrodynamics under adverse conditions. We offer offshore expertise in route selection, geophysical and geotechnical route surveying, system optimisation, laying and trenching analyses, riser systems, flow assurance, subsea components and installation

Walton Corrosion Services provides a full set of subsea operation services in connection with subsea pipeline design. Our subsea engineering includes know-how regarding:

– Templates
– Subsea safety isolation valves (SSIVs)
– Protection structures
– Y and T assemblies

Pipeline reassessments for maturing fields

Walton Corrosion Services supports clients in increasing efficiency and prolonging production on mature fields. Our in-depth knowledge extends to offshore platforms and FPSOs, which gives us the required overview and experience to handle tie-back or tie-in projects for all relevant interfaces between pipeline, subsea completion and platform or FPSO.

Connecting to onshore infrastructure

Based on our multidiscipline profile, Walton Corrosion Services can also assist in connecting subsea highways with onshore infrastructure by engaging our civil engineering expertise such as ports & marine, roads, construction and contract management.