Walton Corrosion Services offers clients a full range of services from initial consulting during the conceptual and planning phases of a Corrosion Engineering project, a pipeline and facility project, through start-up and delivery of job data books and as-built documentation. These services are provided either directly from Walton personnel and our associates or through subcontractors, consultants and alliances with other companies. We offer proactive, cost-effective corrosion protection services to help you maximize the life of your assets. The following services reflect the broad spectrum of expertise offered by Walton Corrosion Services:

Each member of our offshore inspection team is a NACE-certified corrosion technician with many years of offshore experience. Each inspector is NACE CP Level-2 certified, and has completed the NACE OCAT, PEC SafeGulf/Land, and a multitude of industry or site specific training.

Walton Corrosion Services uses sub bottom profilers, mag scanners, and side scan sonar to produce the necessary reports complete with mapping, scans and all of the needed information. So our clients not only have a solid report, but a visual one as well.

Our focus is to engineer and design the most advanced cathodic protection systems that will result in the reduction of costs in less cost-efficient aspects of a project. If the project requires something that will not fit into our standard products, we have the engineers and staff to produce suitable products.

Anodic protection depends upon the formation of a passive film on a metal immersed in an electrolyte by the application of a positive potential to the metal. The passive state is defined as a state of increased corrosion resistance of metals and alloys through anodic polarization.

– Conceptual Designs
– Cost/Benefit Analysis Feasibility Study
– Design Analysis
– Detailed Design – Anode Attachment Hardware, Monitoring Systems, Cabling, etc.
– Engineering calculations
– Evaluation of Design Alternatives
– Pre-Design Feasibility Studies
– Specifications and Drawings
– Design of custom cathodic protection rectifiers
– Design of anodic systems for sulfuric acid tanks

Our team of top engineers will manage all aspects of a project, whether it is site investigations, design, materials supply, installation, commissioning, system handover and post-project support.

– Current Attenuation Analysis
– Development of Monitoring /Maintenance Programs
– Independent Review and Analysis of Inspection and Cathodic Protection Survey Data
– Long-term data acquisition and analysis
– Monitoring and Maintenance of all Cathodic Protection Systems
– Preparation of Monitoring and Maintenance Manuals
– Engineering Technical Assistance for Onsite Supervision
– Management of scope, cost, schedule and quality
– Project oversight through all phases of project
Underwater Inspection Management

Walton Corrosion Services provides a full range of construction management and inspection services. Experienced personnel conduct design and specification reviews, field inspections and oversight, and quality assurance inspection services for all types of corrosion-related projects.

– Cathodic Protection System Certification
Cathodic Protection System Installation
– Cathodic Protection System Relocation
– Cathodic Protection System Repair
Test station & monitoring station installation

– Track-to-Earth Resistance Survey
– Stray Current Interference Survey
– Underground pipeline current mapping
– Commissioning and Certification Survey
– Soil corrosivity survey
– Potential profiles (annual & close interval surveys)
– Resistivity profile (soil & water)
– Pipe-to-soil Potential Survey

– Test and Maintain a Rectifier
– Training of Inspection Personnel

To mitigate corrosion, Walton Corrosion Services conducts site surveys to identify, document and evaluate the level of cathodic protection on metallic structures in soil, water, concrete and other corrosive-electrolytes. Our engineers are NACE certified and qualified to undertake the many different types of surveys necessary to accurately assess the level of corrosion protection achieved due to the application of cathodic protection. Walton Corrosion Services utilizes their experience and industry knowledge to provide technical assessments including close interval surveys, failure analysis, stray current interference surveys, track-to-earth resistance surveys, routine corrosion monitoring surveys, commissioning & certification surveys, corrosivity surveys, and CP System troubleshooting.

– AC & DC Interference Modeling & Mitigation
– External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA)
– Rectifier monitoring & troubleshooting
– Troubleshooting and Failure analysis

Our team of top engineers will manage all aspects of a project, whether it is site investigations, design, materials supply, installation, commissioning, system handover and post-project support. While we prefer to provide turnkey installations of cathodic protection and AC mitigation systems and any required pre-installation corrosion engineering work, we are just as proficient at managing others. We will provide the leadership and technical experience you need to have a safe project done on time and under budget.

Walton Corrosion Services is specialised in the survey, design, installation, application and maintenance of all kinds of cathodic protection systems for the protection of buried and submerged structures, as well as structures containing imbedded-in and/or in-contact-with corrosive electrolytes. Our engineers and technicians have managed corrosion projects from the tropics to the arctic north.

Walton Corrosion Services can provide pre-installation testing and diagnostic engineering, cathodic protection design, cathodic protection installation, post-installation engineering and pipeline integrity management. Over many years, these services have been provided through international corrosion control standards evolving from industry-leading corrosion engineering expertise.

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